CCSF is using California Adult Education Program funds to implement a teaching model similar to the IBEST model that was developed in Washington State. The model consists of a Career & Technical Education (CTE) instructor as the instructor of record, and an ESL or Transitional Studies instructor in the classroom at the same time. For more info or to join the project, see our shared googledoc here.

Professional Development

City College of San Francisco faculty and staff who work on noncredit programs (ESL, TRST, or noncredit CTE) or with noncredit students may apply for Professional Development funds to attend conferences and trainings by filling out this application.

These course materials have been created by ESL Faculty from City College of San Francisco, with input and advice from the staff and members of the San Francisco Day Labor Program/La Colectiva. Our goal with this project is to help immigrants and their families be aware of their immigration rights, and feel comfortable articulating them in English. The lesson plans and materials can be incorporated into an ESL class, or presented on their own in the community.

 Development of these materials was funded by the San Francisco Adult Education Consortium. The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. More information on the license is available at www.creativecommons.org.